Trapped inside a videogame


What if you just wanted to watch the life of a virtual football player, from beginner to pro, while he learns the tricks of the game and (hopefully) scores some goals? No over-the-top dribbles, or unrealistic pro-gamer shenanigans. Just the player and the game: raw, unpredictable, with wins that are sometimes easy and other times seemingly impossible. You are here for the random probability that anything can happen and the outcome is always unexpected.

In Life of a Pro, you follow the life of a virtual football player, created in FIFA 21 for PS5, and watch the games as if they were real in 4K HDR 60fps (UHD - Ultra High Definition). Only one player at a time, The Player, is controlled by a human (and an average one at that). The rules for this human are simple: No using typical game 'cheats' to try to win. You, The Audience, are here to see the real, gritty reality of the game and how the AI behaves, not distracting footwork and impossible trick moves (therefore, "Competitor mode" is off). We call the human 'The Creator' because all other players are AI.

The game is played in the Ultimate level, meaning that the AI on The Player's team can be stubborn and uncooperative, while the opposing team's AI is clever and difficult to beat. However, pairing the AI skills against the fluctuating abilities of The Creator means the games flow similarly to real games, making them much more immersive for The Audience. 

Much like in real life, sometimes The Creator is having a good day, sometimes a bad day. Sometimes, The Player is not chosen to play, sometimes they get injured for no reason. No matter what happens, good or bad, The Audience will be able to see it here.

There is no human talking head in the videos, meaning no requests to "smash that subscribe button" (but please do). They are unscripted and uninterrupted.


The Audience can watch these free football / Soccer matches for the fun of it, following the progress of The Player you choose, or all of them - even if it is just to complain about The Creator's missed opportunities, watch some amazing goals or to say *nice* things about the referee.


A few important matches will be live, just like a real match. You can watch it with your friends, play at your sports bar and follow their professional career since episode one. They might end up in your favourite club... who knows, anything can happen.

The Creator would like to thank The Audience for their support and engagement, and hopes that one of The Players will pique your interest.

Image: Nathan Dumlao


Console: Playstation 5

Game: FIFA 21 - Career Mode

Level: Ultimate / Competitor mode: Off

Time: 10 Minutes

Speed: Fast

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  • Matches are played once, no restarts.

  • All trainings are played once, no redos or simulations.

  • No control over lineups and formations.

  • No control over position played.

  • No control over substitutions.




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