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Trapped inside a videogame


Welcome to Life of a Pro, where you get to follow the journey of a virtual soccer player as they progress from beginner to pro and learn the tricks of the game. This isn't about flashy dribbles or unrealistic pro-gamer antics – it's about the player character and the game in all its raw, unpredictable glory. You can expect to see the full range of outcomes, from easy wins to seemingly impossible victories, thanks to the random probability that anything can happen.

In Life of a Pro, you'll get to watch FIFA 21 games (football/soccer matches) as if they were real, in stunning 4K HDR with 60fps (Ultra High Definition), recorded on a Playstation 5. The game is set in Player Career Mode, with only one character – The Player – controlled by a human at any given time (The Creator). All other players are AI-controlled and The Creator has no control over the formation, lineups, or other AI players, except for requesting passes, kicks, or pressing the opponent – which is done at their own discretion, just like in real life. To keep things as realistic as possible, The Creator plays by the rules and avoids using typical game 'cheats' to try to win. All games are played with 'Competitor mode' off, so you won't see unrealistic dribbles or annoying trick moves.

The games are played at Ultimate level, which means that the opposing team's AI is clever and challenging to beat, while the AI on The Player's team can be difficult to work with and sometimes make frustrating decisions. However, the dynamic between the AI's skills and The Creator's fluctuating abilities creates a more realistic and immersive experience for the audience. The games flow similarly to real-life matches, adding to the excitement and unpredictability of the experience.

Like in real life, The Creator's performance can vary from day to day, affecting The Player's performance. There might be times when The Player is not chosen to play or gets injured unexpectedly. Regardless of whether the events are positive or negative, the audience will get to see it all unfold in Life of a Pro, hopefully creating enough evidence to settle the debate about scripted games by EA Sports.

There is no human talking head in the videos – no requests to 'smash that subscribe button' (though you are welcome to do so). The videos are unscripted and uninterrupted, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the experience.

As an audience member, you can watch these free football/soccer matches for the fun of it, following the progress of The Player of your choice or all of them. You might enjoy complaining about missed opportunities, marvelling at amazing goals, or praising the referee (or more likely, the contrary).

A few select matches will be live, just like a real match. You can watch them with friends, at a sports bar, or follow The Player's professional career from the very beginning. Who knows – they might even end up at your favourite club. It's all about following The Player's career.

The Creator would like to thank the audience for their support and engagement and hopes that one of The Players will catch your interest.

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Image: Nathan Dumlao


Console: Playstation 5

Game: FIFA 21 - Player Career Mode

Level: Ultimate / Competitor mode: Off

Time: 10 Minutes

Speed: Fast

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  • Matches are played once, no restarts.

  • All trainings are played once, no redos or simulations.

  • No control over lineups and formations.

  • No control over position played.

  • No control over substitutions.




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