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Bizarre: Max Will plays as a defender and still scores a goal

In some moments, we do have to take a step back and contemplate the errors of the manager (and EA Sports)- This is one of those moments. Max Will played against Atlético Mineiro in the second match of Campeonato Brasileiro (Liga do Brasil) as a defender. Yes, that's right, as a defender.

What justifies putting an Central Attacking Midfielder as a defender, we will never know (as in this player career mode we don't control the actions of the manager). But it is intriguing on why EA Sports would consider such a feature.

Max Will is now one of the best Grêmio players looking at future opportunities in bigger clubs. He says:

The manager is just tough to work with and he doesn't understand my function in the team. I think I am better off looking for better opportunities. I love Grêmio, I grew up here, but the situation is one that might damage Grêmio long-term.

Even playing as a defender, Max Will scored an amazing chip goal, adding to the many goals of the match in an incredibly fast counter-attack. Watch it here:

It is a mystery why that tactic would make sense with a player that hasn't developed to play defensively and it is a miracle that it worked this time. Formation can be seen below. Max Will could easily replace Nideiro in this scenario, it's a 73 against 81.

We hope this was a one-off situation or a glitch, as we want to see Max Will play as an attacker, the way he is intended to play. Even with teh victory, this is not supposed to happen and not what people want to see.

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