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End of Season 03: Johannes Miller Stats

As the season comes to a close, Miller once again proved his worth by scoring numerous goals and securing Kaiserslautern's promotion to the Bundesliga. His exceptional performance throughout the season has caught the attention of several big clubs, and it's no surprise that he's in high demand. Rumours about his imminent exit from the club are rife, but for now, Miller is focused on celebrating his achievements and an incredible season with Kaiserslautern. Despite the uncertainty of his future, his dedication and hard work are undeniable.

Johannes Miller owned his position and has a great relationship with his manager and teammates. After fulfilling his objective of giving Kaiserslautern a promotion to the Bundesliga, Miller is likely to leave for the next season, with an offer imminent in the next few days.

League objectives were all completed, as below:

Watch all Season 03 matches in 4K HDR here:


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