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End of Season 05: Max Will Stats

After a successful season with Grêmio, Max Will has established himself as a crucial player in the team. His impressive performance earned him the golden boot for the second consecutive year, helping Grêmio win the Campeonato Brasileiro (2024) title. Despite having fulfilled his promise to the team, there are rumours that he may leave Grêmio to pursue new challenges. However, due to the transfer glitch in the EA system, his value has skyrocketed, making it difficult for any club to acquire him. As he looks to take his career to the next level, Max Will aims to improve his shot-to-goal conversion percentage in the hopes of attracting more interest from potential suitors.

Max Will played as a CF at Grêmio, which decreases his potential. However, he overcame some challenges and was awarded the golden boot with 52 goals at Campeonato Brasileiro.

Watch all Season 05 matches in 4K HDR here:


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