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End of Season 08: Max Will Stats

In another abbreviated season, Max Will faced a recurring challenge at Manchester City, spending a considerable time on the bench during crucial matches, which hindered his ability to establish a strong connection with his teammates. Despite this, he managed to notch an impressive tally of 79 goals in 31 matches, including a record-breaking 9 goals in one match, a testament to his individual prowess. However, this remarkable achievement fell short of compensating for the broader challenges the team encountered.

Max Will still plays as a CF in Manchester City.

The rival Manchester United won the Premier League after Manchester City snubbed Max Will in critical matches to finish 3rd.

Watch all Season 08 matches in 4K HDR here:

Given the lack of matches played, Max Will decided to go on a loan and Real Madrid was happy to take him on, which should be a great full season.

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