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England eliminated by Brazil in the FIFA World Cup™ 2022 round of 16 | Henry Kepler

England's defeat to Brazil in the round of 16 left the team and its fans disappointed. The English squad appeared to be resigned to their EA fate, playing poorly and making numerous mistakes that ultimately cost them the match. The game was marred by a sense of unfairness as the AI-controlled English players failed to perform to their full potential, leaving Kenny with limited opportunities to make a difference.

Although Kenny himself missed a few chances that could have turned the tide, it's clear that the team as a whole didn't gel well. Kenny had only played two matches with the team, so he didn't have a full understanding of his teammates' behaviour on the field. In this alternate reality, Italy went on to win the FIFA World Cup™ 2022 in the Henry Kepler parallel universe.

Life of a Pro: FIFA World Cup 2022 quarterfinal results

Kenny gets eliminated at his first World Cup at only 19, not playing well enough for the National team standards. France got third place.

England started the journey by barely qualifying for the round of 16, depending on the bad results of others in Group C to qualify:

Then the knockout stage followed:

Kenny was not selected for all matches and missed key ones too in the group stage, only playing one.

Watch all Henry Kepler matches in the FIFA World Cup™ 2022 here:


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