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Grêmio eliminated from S02 Libertadores

River Plate (Núñez) playing at home, shames Grêmio with 6 goals (yeap, six) and eliminates Grêmio and Max Will from the competition.

Despite a lack of collective will to win the match, the manager should be responsible for being so irresponsible with the formation of the team, depriving players to be their best and limiting their capability.

The result? Eliminated from the S02 Libertadores da América in a shameful way for the fans, akin to Brazil and Germany in the 2014 World Cup semifinal. The aggregated score was 7 x 2. A fiasco.

Many goals were in the back of Max Will, as he is not a defender and they explored that tactical failure brilliantly. River Plate deserved the victory in every way.

Max Will once again consider leaving the team, as the situation is not improving for 2 years now. Despite his love for Grêmio, playing as a defender is not what he wants for his career.


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