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Grêmio wins Campeonato Brasileiro (2023) and Max Will is awarded the Golden Boot

A good season for Max Will, which became a forward after his season at Lazio, returning with an appetite for goals at Grêmio. The team found a way to play together and made great matches, but the championship came just 1 point ahead of rival Internacional, making it extra motivating for the title. The victory in the final match gave them the much-needed title.

Watch all Max Will matches at Campeonato Brasileiro (Liga do Brasil) Season 4.

Here is how the Campeonato Brasileiro Table looked like at the end:

Max Will also takes the Golden Boot home, with 31 goals scored. Even though still not in his preferred position, as an attacker he made a difference and played better. Now speculation starts for him to be bought by European teams.

The next challenge is the Libertadores to end the season.

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