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Grêmio wins Campeonato Brasileiro (2024) and Max Will is awarded the Golden Boot

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

After a good season, Grêmio wins for the second consecutive season the Campeonato Brasileiro (Liga do Brasil) championship, a great achievement for the group, with Internacional again in second place.

A great season for Max Will, who is now playing at a higher level than the team and looking for opportunities in Europe. Unfortunately, his market value might be too high and prohibitive of a sale at this point. He is now featured on the transfer list.

Watch all Max Will matches at Campeonato Brasileiro (Liga do Brasil) Season 5.

Here is how the Campeonato Brasileiro Table looked like at the end:

Max Will also takes the second consecutive Golden Boot home, with a whopping 52 goals scored this season. Another great personal achievement.

The next challenge is the Libertadores to end the season, which can't escape their hands this time.

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