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Kenny disappoints in the final but takes the Player of the Tournament award home

In an uncorfortable match to watch, the Polish side, Wisła Płock siezes the opportunity and wins teh Champions Trophy. Kenny, feeling the weight of the final plays poorly. Despite scoring a goal, his AI team does not help and suffers two goals in upsetting defensive failures to seal the fate of the match.

Kenny left the field crying and admits to his poor performance. His manager is seen consoling him as the youngster leaves.

Wisła Płock was superior and deserved the trophy. We will work on our defense and come back next year improved and with more experience, says the manager.

In some positive news for Henry Kepler, he was awarded the Player of the Champions Trophy and highest scoring striker. The 17-year-old had a great performance throughout the tournament and there was no question he would be considered one of the best this season.


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