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Kenny gets the EFL League Two Player of the Tournament (20/21) award and Golden Boot

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

There are is no doubt that Kenny did a great season, scoring many goals and helping the team get to a good position on the table, even with a fragile defence. The next season promises to be better as Kenny enhances his technical skills and learns about the EFL League Two style.

Watch all Henry Kepler matches at EFL League Two season 1.

Here is how the EFL League Two Table looked like at the end:

Kenny also takes the Golden Boot home, with a whoping 60 goals scored. In terms of goals scored, it has been an amazing season for Kenny. An injury took him out of action for many matches, which had a direct impact on Leyton's Orient ability to be promoted. Kenny promises that next season will be different.

The next challenge is the EFL League Two Play-Offs.


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