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Miller awarded Player of the tournament and Golden Boot for 2. Bundesliga (2022)

Miller took Kaiserslautern from 3. Liga to 2. Bundesliga last season, now finishing 5th in the first season in a new and more challenging league. Despite the limitations, they have done well and only didn't get promoted because of small details that could have been blamed on luck only. A great season for Miller who was chosen as the Player of the tournament.

Watch all Miller matches at 2. Bundesliga Season 2.

Here is how the 2. Bundesliga Table looked like in the end:

Miller also takes the Golden Boot home, with an impressive 57 goals scored, out of the 88 total scored by Kaiserslautern - 65% of all goals with a Miller signature.

The next challenge will be to get promoted next season, as Miller is not looking at leaving yet.


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