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Miller awarded Player of the Tournament and Golden Boot for 2. Bundesliga (22/23)

Miller and Kaiserslautern had an outstanding season, climbing from 5th place in the previous year to a remarkable 2nd place finish in their second time in the highly competitive 2. Bundesliga. The team's hard work and dedication were evident throughout the season as they secured important victories and overcame few setbacks.

Their achievements are even more impressive considering they are a relatively small team competing against bigger and more established clubs.

Miller was an essential player for the team, consistently performing at a high level and contributing crucial goals and assists.

His outstanding performance earned him the title of Player of the Tournament, cementing his reputation as one of the most talented and sought-after players in the league. With such impressive performances, it is no surprise that Miller's name is now on the radar of bigger clubs, and many football enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating his next move.

Watch all Miller matches at 2. Bundesliga Season 3.

Here is how the 2. Bundesliga Table looked like in the end:

Miller also takes the Golden Boot home, with an impressive 75 goals scored, having scored 57 last season. An incredible record for the league.

Kaiserslautern did so well collectively that the Team of the Tournament is basically made of their players:

It would be a miracle if Miller stays at Kaiserslautern, as he didn't receive an offer in the last transfer window. This time, it is likely that he will leave the team for the next season.

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