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Miller suffers a serious injury against Hamburger SV

In otherwise excellent form, the 16-year-old unfortunately suffered a dislocated shoulder in a rough tackle from Hamburger SV defence and is out for 7 weeks.

Miller expressed disappointment with the injury and with EA Sports, adding:

It was not even a foul! I got shoved to the ground and the match continues, to no fault of my own. Why would EA Sports code that to the game? So, in my 9th match I'm out of action already? Then what? They want me to just train for 7 weeks while I miss really important matches for my team? That's insanity. If I was an old player, retired, tired even or in bad shape, it would be ok. I am in excellent form and this still happens, so early in my professional career... I'm truly disappointed with this bulls%@t. They need to review that. I apologise to my fans and I hope I can pick my the pace and start playing soon.

Watch how it all unfolded:


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