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Brazil wins FIFA World Cup™ 2026 | Max Will

What a great tournament! The best football countries in the world presented the best football at the FIFA World Cup™ 2026. Brazil wins after a good campaign, beating Norway in the final 2 to 1, in a really tight match.

Life of a Pro: FIFA World Cup 2022 quarterfinal results

Max Will wins his second consecutive World Cup at only 23, an impressive feat, having helped the team climb towards the title, but not playing every match.

Brazil started the journey by being the first on the group stage:

Brazil 1 x 2 Switzerland (Group Stage)

Brazil 2 x 0 New Zealand (Group Stage)**

Brazil 3 x 1 Italy (Group Stage)

In the Round of 16, it won against the Netherlands, while important competitors were being knocked out:

Brazil 3 x 1 Netherlands (Round of 16)**

The quarterfinals brought Portugal:

Brazil 4 x 1 Portugal (Quarterfinal)

In the semifinal, a South American derby puts Brazil in the final with ease:

Brazil 1 x 0 Spain (Semifinal)**

Finally, the most important match of the competition, the final was where football fans everywhere could see a match that was balanced and could go in any direction at any time:

Brazil 2 x 1 Norway (Final)

**Not Played by Max Will. The creator doesn't have control over formation. If he is selected, he plays, if not, the match is simulated. There is no other way around it.

Congratulation to Brazil and Max Will for this amazing title.

Watch all Max Will matches in the FIFA World Cup™ 2026 here:

Watch all Brazil goals here:


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