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End of Season 02: Johannes Miller Stats

The second season comes to an end for Johannes Miller, and what a rollercoaster of a season. With 8 matches more than the previous season, 48 matches were played, mostly in 2. Bundesliga. Miller performed well, but a glitch prevented him from being recognised for it (likely due to the World Cup while changing seasons).

However, it was not enough to conquer a promotion for Kaiserslautern, who will have to repeat another season at 2. Bundesliga or to win the World Cup, being eliminated in the quarterfinal for Belgium. He is still young and hopefully has more chances for those achievements.

Johannes Miller still played in his preferred position and has a great relationship with his manager and teammates. He will continue at Kaiserslautern for the next season in the search for promotion to Bundesliga.

Due to a glitch, the objectives were not recorded properly, as below:

These were the objectives before the glitch.

Watch all Season 02 matches in 4K HDR here:


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