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End of Season 03: Henry Kepler Stats

The third season comes to an end for Henry Kepler (aka Kenny), who led the team to another incredible campaign this season, staying in EFL League One for just one season and winning the title. A great campaign for Kenny that scored many goals and enabled his teammates to do the same.

Kenny still played in his preferred position and has a great relationship with his manager and teammates, barely missing any matches. He will continue at Leyton Orient next season in search of the next promotion, which will be nearly impossible with the current team. The highlights of this season were getting to winning the Papa John's trophy, scoring 87 goals at EFL League One and 128 this season. Of all 54 season matches, Kenny didn't score in only 2 of them.

Kenny completed all the objectives as set out by his manager:

Watch all Season 03 matches in 4K HDR here:


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