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Grêmio wins S02: American Challenge Cup

In a match where the lead could change in a very short period of time, Grêmio and Tijuana disputed the final of the American Challenge Cup, with Grêmio ending up as the champions.

Max Will was fundamental for the victory, leading the team with a goal and an amazing cross that left Cabrais in front of the goal to score, deciding the fate of the match.

Watch all Max Will matches in the American Challenge Cup here:

The 18-year-old Max Will was also chosen Player of the tournament, defining his career as an important player for the team and calling the attention of bigger clubs.

Grêmio needs to continue the winning streak for the rest of the year, but this is a good start. Max Will is hoping he can get more time in the main team and not repeat last year's pattern of playing one in every five matches.


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