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Kenny is out for 4 weeks after an injury during the last match (S03 EFL League One)

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

In a heart-wrenching moment, Kenny sustained a leg injury while scoring a crucial goal. The incident occurred unexpectedly, with no apparent misconduct on his part, and sadly, it forced him out of action during a pivotal period of the season. Kenny's absence, lasting the entire month of January 2023, posed a significant challenge for the team. However, to their credit, Leyton Orient displayed remarkable resilience and managed to maintain a strong position in both the league table and the Emirates FA Cup. While the situation was undeniably unfair, there was a glimmer of solace in the team's ability to persevere without their star player.

For the EFL League One, they had a victory.

Then the replay match against Fleetwood Town after a thrilling 4 x 4 tie in the last match, advancing them to the next phase.

Then another straightforward victory, keeping them in the second position.

Then in an incredible miracle, they tied a match with Chelsea for the FA Cup. That was probably to compensate for the injury and allow Kenny to play against them again in the replay.

The tie against Chelsea was probably Leyton Orient's only chance of a win, but without Kenny in the team, they missed a vital opportunity. Kenny will return in the replay, but it will be an impossible match.

However, this was a great result of possibly having a real chance of promotion.


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